omniverse A Few Thoughts About Research and Development


Hobby projects


OmniFiles is a shortener and file storage service. I wrote a post about architecture of OmniFiles. Source code is on GitHub.


OmniBot is a XMPP agent that lives on server and deliver local email, traffic reports, information about finished torrents etc. Source code is on GitHub.


UsbUnfreeze a set of utilities that deal with a specific problem. My notebook is often freezed with a static shock due to bad grounding and I needed a tool to send a remote command to unfreeze suspended keyboard and touchpad. Installation and usage is described at README, source code is avilable on GitHub: 1, 2, 3.


LargeType is an app for Android that shows any text in a full screen. It is possible to show a choosen contact phone number or email (matching permissions required). Settings can be accessed with a menu button and could not work in modern Android without menu buttons.

Version 1.0.3, Android 2.3, apk apk.


I am a maintainer of asn1c and pstreams packages in Debian. Please report bugs and check activity at the dashboard.

Also I provided several packages to the Homebrew: snappystream, openjade, opensp, djview4, cadaver.


I contributed to several open-source projects, such as Redmine, Pumpa, djview4, Jenkins, Conan, nDPI, OsmAnd, AIMSICD. Some open-source projects were developed in a commercial company but open-sourced then. PostgreSQL and Jenkins plugins are published to standard distributions networks (PGXN and plugins repository) and freely available.

Notable projects:

  • PostgreSQL extension json_accessors for working with JSON data

  • PostgreSQL extensions parray_gin provides GIN index and operator support for arrays with partial match.

  • PostgreSQL extension multicdr_fdw that provides a FDW (Foreign Data Wrapper) to the well-known telecommunication CDR data format.

  • Redmine plugin redmine_wikipub turns redmine into customizable multi-domain environment

  • Redmine plugin redmine_issuepoke for reminding users about hanged issues

  • Redmine plugin redmine_wikifileattach allows to include dynamically updated wikipage from a file

  • Jenkins plugin vboxwrapper_plugin for launching slaves in VirtualBox machines